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  • REPORT: Bleaching in the Marianas

    Our partners at CNMI DEQ and the Guam Marine Lab report on the first known severe, widespread bleaching and mortality event across the three largest islands in the lower Marianas Archipelago: Guam, Rota, and Saipan.

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  • Science.Simplified.

    PMRI is introducing a new communications product called, "Science.Simplified." Our “Science.Simplified.” team interviews scientists from around the world who are conducting research on Micronesia’s coral reef ecosystems. Why? People need science! Whether a government manager making policy, a politician drafting legislation, or a local fisherman concerned about fisheries, everyone has a need to know what’s happening on Micronesian coral reefs.

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  • The Monitoring of Coral Reef Resources in the Marshall Islands

    This study examined coral-reef ecosystems across and within two atolls that differ with respect to their human presence, Rongelap (nearly pristine) and Majuro (urban center of RMI). Coral, fish, and benthic substrate data aggregated at the site-level highlighted strong inter-atoll differences, but more remarkably, there were consistent differences in data dispersion for all assemblages.

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  • PICRC Bleaching Study

    New publication from the Palau International Coral Reef Center: This study examined the response of coral communities in Palau during the 2010 warming event to see which, if any, were resilient to bleaching. The study found, counter intuitively, that nearshore reefs in sheltered bays had lower bleaching and mortality rates, even though they had higher average temperatures and naturally high levels of suspended sediments. Therefore, nearshore reefs should be given high conservation status because they provide refugia for coral populations as the oceans continue to warm. Click "Continue reading..." below to see the full-text PDF of the publication. (photo by Ian Shives)

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  • Regional Fish Market Study

    Commercial coral-reef fisheries across Micronesia: A need for improving management. A new publication in Coral Reefs looks at condition of reef fisheries based on market surveys in the region. Click "read more" below to view full-text PDF.

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