CNMI Sea Turtle Conservation Program 2009- 2010

Sea Turtles of the Mariana Islands


CNMI Department of Lands and Natural Resources, Guam Department of Aquatic and Wildlife Resources, PMRI and local volunteers are working to recover Mariana Islands sea turtle populations. Green, hawksbill and leatherback sea turtles occur within our waters. Sea turtles were once plentiful throughout the archipelago, but today the nesting population has become severely depleted due to over harvest.

Although sea turtle resources are more abundant in near shore habitats, these turtles are mostly juveniles and once mature will migrate to beaches of Asia or other Pacific Island nations to nest. Turtles are an international shared resource and this makes their conservation and recovery challenging. Today, sea turtle species in the Marianas are listed as threatened or endangered with population levels continuing to decline due to continued human and environmental impacts.. We have a long way to go until local populations are at levels where they may be viable.

Local involvement and coordinated action is key to conservation and management efforts. Our research efforts are focused on understanding the dynamics of sea turtle populations, their connectivity with regional populations and their ecology. We are also working to protect nesting habitat and build community involvement in sea turtle conservation. For additional information about the program or how to help and volunteer, contact info (at)

Program Partners

Harassing or Catching Turtles is a Crime


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On Saipan- Contact a Conservation Officer directly 24hrs a day:
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