Journal of Micronesian Fishing

The Journal of Micronesian Fishing was created in 2009 as a way for fishermen, local communities, resource managers, scientists, and policy makers to “talk story” and discuss important issues.  The Journal represents an open forum for dialog between these groups. Beyond being a place to share opinions and discuss issues, we aim to celebrate the rich tradition of fishing in Micronesia.

Through your own stories and photos, we offer you a chance to impress our readers with spectacular catches and unique traditions. Additionally, we hope to teach younger generations how it was “back in the day”, compare it with how it is now, and in the process, help inform the discussions about how it will be in the future. If you have stories or photos about fishing in Micronesia that you would like to share, please email us at [email protected] or click on the “Contact” link above.

PMRI strives to publish the Journal of Micronesian Fishing at least twice each year.

A “digital magazine” version of the JMF is available on  HERE or click on the covers below to download a PDF.


Issue 8 (Summer 2014)

Cover photo from the 2013 Fall issue of the Journal of Micronesian Fishing

Issue 7 (Fall 2013)


Issue 6 (Spring 2011)


Issue 5 (Fall 2010)


Issue 4 (Spring 2010)


Issue 3 (Late Fall 2009)


Issue 2 (Early Fall 2009)



Issue 1 (Spring 2009)




Issue 8: Chuukese Translation

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