Mariana Islands Cetacean Standing Program

 Despite their size, cetaceans are among the most poorly known animals in the Marianas. Globally, human actions threaten them with extinction. Join us to make a difference.


The Northern Mariana Islands float on the seam that divides the Pacific Ocean and the Philippine Sea. These expansive and deep bodies of water have admirably hidden the activities of most cetaceans (whales and dolphins) that roam our waters except for the brief moments they come to breathe at the surface.

PMRI is coordinating with local efforts to improve our understanding of spatial and seasonal distribution of cetaceans in our waters. We are also working to build the local Stranding Network started by the CNMI Division of Fish and Wildlife and Northern Marianas College in 2007, which is part of- and funded through- the regional Pacific Island Region Marine Mammal Response Network.

 The two primary activities PMRI is supporting is growing observer capacity for the BioSearch program, which is led by the CNMI Coastal Resources Management Office and building local volunteer stranding response capacity. If you are interested in either of these programs, sign up for email alerts by writing to info (at)


Pacific Marine Mammal Response Network

Marine Mammal Stranding and Entanglement Hotline 1-888-256-9840


CNMI BioSearch


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