Yimnang Golbuu, lead scientist and researcher at PICRC/PCS/TNC. Yim is recording data at the "short drop-off" dive site in approx. 35' of water.  (Photo by Ian Shive: http://ianshive.wordpress.com/)

Photo by Ian Shive

New publication from the Palau International Coral Reef Center:  “Climate-change refugia in the sheltered bays of Palau: analogs of future reefs”
PDF buttonThis study examined the response of coral communities in Palau during the 2010 warming event to see which, if any, were resilient to bleaching. The study found, counter intuitively, that nearshore reefs in sheltered bays had lower bleaching and mortality rates, even though they had higher average temperatures and naturally high levels of suspended sediments. Therefore, nearshore reefs should be given high conservation status because they provide refugia for coral populations as the oceans continue to warm. Read the full article here! (2.75MB PDF)