2010 Regional Training in Monitoring Data Management and Analysis

Project Report (pdf):                 Improving Local Capacity for Reef Monitoring Data Interpretation

Funding Source:                        NOAA Pacific Islands Marine Protected Areas Community

Micronesia Data Management & Analysis Workshop

A guidebook with step-by-step exercises to improve local capacity for data collection, storage, handling, visualization, and analysis throughout Micronesia.

shapeimage_1Statistically-sound science is required to assess the status of regional and local management efforts ranging from community-based marine protected areas to expansive regional networks defined by the Micronesian Challenge.  Despite having common goals of protecting their resources for future generations, jurisdictions throughout Micronesia strongly differ in their approach used to monitor coral reefs, and thus, in the information that is available for managers to act upon.

During the week of 8 – 12 November 2010 the Pacific Marine Resources Institute (PMRI) conducted an informative, timely, and successful data management and analysis workshop for Micronesia’s coral monitoring programs.  The main interpersonal accomplishments of this project were enhanced capacity brought to Micronesia’s coral monitoring programs.  Through our workshop there was a direct transfer of skills and reference materials to enable much improved data processing, handling, visualization, and statistical examination.  These products are all necessary to improve our regional ability to evaluate the quality and meaning of coral reef monitoring program datasets.  The step-by-step guidebook provided to participants at this workshop will continue to be available online through PMRI’s website, along with the example datasets that were used (www.pacmares.com).



Various software platforms were introduced to accomplish the workshop goals including MS Excel, SigmaPlot, R, PRIMER, and PERMANOVA. Some of the required software was awarded through the existing grant and (1) license copy was provided to each participating jurisdiction. Anybody interested in downloading the guidebook for use will need the above noted platforms with MS Office 2007 or higher.  Please inquire if questions exist.


Guidebook datasets (zip)

Micronesia_Coral_Monitoring_Data_Workshop Announcment