Pacific Islands Ocean Observing System

Building PacIOOS capacity in CNMI



The Pacific Islands Ocean Observing System (PacIOOS) is part of the National Integrated Ocean Observing System, a program focusing on national ocean observing needs ranging from public safety to ecological forecasting.

In 2009 PMRI provided a summary of stakeholder needs in separate but related assessments of ocean observing and coastal management assessments. The ocean observing report has helped guide the development of the Pacific Islands Ocean Observing System and the management assessment will provide guidance to UH Sea Grant in planning future regional activities.

PMRI has facilitated stakeholder meetings to determine CNMI’s ocean observing priorities. We are further assisting in the integration of  a PacIOOS provided sensor package on the Pacific’s first NOAA CHAMP ICON station in Laolao Bay.  PMRI will be involved in station operation and maintenance once is is online.




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