lr-05077ePMRI Intern Yoshihiro Yagi has taken on a new project investigating jellyfish.  His project is designed to gather general information about box jellyfish occurrences around Saipan. Through innovative social science research, Yoshi has been collecting information from a variety of sources including emergency room visits, tour operator interviews, tour operator injury/incident reports, and fishermen interviews.  Through hours of number crunching, the two main goals of the project are to determine the predictability of box jellyfish “blooms” and to determine whether or not box jellyfish numbers have been increasing over time.

This preliminary graph shows raw numbers of jellyfish stings recorded by a tour company (not adjusted for number of visitors) from 2008 – 2012.  Further investigation of this and other data will help build an understanding of box jellyfish on Saipan, and should eventually aid in the prevention of stings.