ConductingasurveyEFrom September 23 through October 3 2013, natural resource managers from Kosrae, Chuuk, and CNMI took part in a Socioeconomic Monitoring in the Pacific training (SEM-Pasifika).  In response to concerns related to climate change and community vulnerability, the group focused their efforts on the community of Walung.  During the ten-day workshop, participants visited the site three times. First they traveled to Walung and conducted key informant interviews to gain a better understanding of the site and the community.  The team then used the information to develop a household survey which sought to gather information and answer questions regarding Walung.  Participants then implemented the survey by walking house to house and speaking to members from every home. Questions addressed issues such as livelihoods, climate change knowledge, resource conditions and sustainable solutions.  Following the survey, the team analyzed the results and went back to Walung for a final visit to share the information gathered with the community.

Kosrae_SEMP_TeamThe training, in addition to building the capacity of participants, was also an opportunity to build regional relationships between resource managers as well as to provide suggested to provide support for the ongoing European Union Global Climate Change Alliance Project facilitated through the University of South Pacific, Pacific Center for Sustainable Development.

The training is the result of a partnership of a number of different organizations including The Nature Conservancy, Micronesia Conservation Trust, Pacific Islands Marine Protected Area Community, Pacific Marine Resources Institute, NOAA, Kosrae Conservation and Safety Organization, Kosrae Island Resource Management Authority, and Yela Environmental Landowners Authority.