We strongly support growing local capacity to manage marine resources. We encourage students to learn about marine resource careers through internships with PMRI on Saipan. For those students pursuing a career in marine resource management, we are able to provide limited financial support. Below, we also provide a selection of websites and other internet resources including no-cost tools that we have found useful.


PMRI Scholarships

The PMRI Marine Resource Management Scholarships were established in 2004 to support students with a demonstrated dedication to improving the condition of the Pacific environment. The scholarship is open to students who are studying in a field that will provide support to marine resource management at the post-secondary level (undergraduate and graduate levels). Applications are reviewed twice a year, January and July.

Up to three $500 scholarships may be awarded. One is award is available to students attending the Northern Marianas College. Another is available to students attending school in the Federated States of Micronesia and the Republic of the Marshall Islands. The third is available to Micronesian, Polynesian or Melanesian students attending college anywhere.

To apply, please provide the following:

1) Two letters of support from teachers who can comment on the your dedication to local or regional marine resource management.

2) One official school transcript.

3) An essay (one page maximum, 12 point font, single spaced) describing how you intend to improve the condition of marine resources and the management of those resources in the area where you live or where you are from if you are attending school overseas. If you are not enrolled in a marine resource management program (e.g. criminal justice, education, biology, etc.), please explain in your essay how your course of study will benefit marine resource management.

Mail your application to:

Pacific Marine Resource Institute, Inc.

attn. Scholarship Program

PMB 1156

PO Box 10003

Saipan, MP 96950

Application must be received (not postmarked) by July 1 or January 1. If you have questions about these scholarships, contact: director (at)


More Student Scholarships

* Native Leaders Scholarship (for women pursuing a master’s degree)

* FSM Development Bank Scholarship

* Guam Community College

* College of the Marshall Islands

* CNMI Scholarship Office



 CNMI Coral Reef Initiative Marine Resource Internship Program

This is a summer program that offers a stipend to college students desiring to work with a CNMI resource management agency or PMRI to support coral reef management. A call for applications is usually announced around March of each year. For information contact: CNMI Coral Reef Initiative Point of Contact
Micronesian and American Samoan Summer Internship Program

An excellent program run through University of Hawaii Seagrant. We’ve had very positive experiences with MASSIP program. MASSIP HOMEPAGE


Marine Life

*By Taxon

* Invertebrate Animals

+ Biodiversity Issues in the Pacific Islands

Invertebrates on the web at FLMNH

* AIMS Corals of the World Online

*Vertebrate Animals

* Guam Fishes


*Marine Plants

*GLOMIS (mangroves)

*Seagrass Web Sites

*Coralline Algae

*Guide To Seaweeds and Phycology



*Biodiversity Issues in the Pacific Islands

*International Biodiversity Observation Year

*Biodiversity Information Network – BIN21

*Belgian Biodiversity Platform

*IBOY Projects – North America

*FIC – International Cooperative Biodiversity …


*NIWA New Zealand Bioiversity Page

*The knowledge network for biocomplexity

*Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function (includes an excellent reference list)

*NBII – Pacific Basin Information Node





*NOAA National Oceanographic Data Center

*Alaska Ocean Observing System

*PRICIP– Pacific Regiona Integrated Climatology Information Products- NOAA

*Current Wave and Wind Height Forecast


*Oceancolor- including ChlA and derivatives

*CoastWatch: Oceanographic datasets: high resolution, limited time series

*Ocean Surface Currents

*Rainfall and Climate Data




+Pacific Islands Benthic Habitat Mapping Center (CNMI, Guam)

*Satellite and Astronaut Images

+The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of the Earth

+NASA’s Earth Observing System Project Science Office Homepage

+Global Land Cover Facility

*Geographic Information Systems- Data & Tools

+NOAA Coastal Service Center

+USDA Pacific Landcover Data

+MARXAN– Biodiversity Conservation Planning Tool

+Marine Geospatial Ecology Tools

*Grass Opensource GIS

+A hands-on introduction to Grass:

*NOAA Biogeography Program

+Resources List (Some free, some not)

+Habitat digitizer (for ArcView 3.1, free)


*Marine Protected Area Newsletter

*Pacific Islands Marine Protected Areas Community (PIMPAC)

*Sustainability: Science, Practice, and Policy An open access journal

*Atoll Research Bulletin An open access journal (since ever since)




*Reef Education Network

*Australian Museum Teaching Resources

*International Year of the Ocean 1998


*Master’s Degree in Marine Biodiversity & Conservation– UCSD-Scripps Institute of Oceanography (a 1 year program)

*BioDTRL– (Biology)
*BIODIDAC-(Biology- Images)


Free and Open-Source Software

*Ubuntu– Linx Operating System

*Poseidon– The Scientific GNU/Linux Operating System

*Firefox– Web Browser

*Thunderbird– EMail manager

*Gimp– Photo/Image Editor

*Inkscape– Drawing

*– “productivity” suite

*R– Statistical analysis, graphics and more

*Grass– Geographic Information System see also Geography above

*Quantum GIS– Geographic Information System


Grey Literature Library

This project is a PMRI initiative to create a comprehensive web-accessible database of Pacific marine resource literature. This project is an continuation of the Marianas Marine Resource Bibliography (307kb PDF file) originally compiled for the CNMI Coastal Resources Management Office.