Welcome to PMRI’s science “translation” portal.

Does science need translation?  Scientists are good at doing science.  However, the rest of us often need help making sense of the technical terms, data, and concepts that come from their research.  There is a solution:  Science.Simplified.

Our “Science.Simplified.”  team interviews scientists from around the world who are conducting research on Micronesia’s coral reef ecosystems.  Why?  People need science!  Whether a government manager making policy, a politician drafting legislation, or a local fisherman concerned about fisheries, everyone has a need to know what’s happening on Micronesian coral reefs.

What We Do

We interview scientists and produce short web-based audio slideshows showcasing researchers’ work in a way that is clear, concise, and accessible to the general public — in other words, simplified.

Audio slideshows are designed to be useable on web pages and shareable via social media platforms, making science accessible to everyone. Check PMRI’s Facebook page for newly released episodes.

Suggest an Episode

Do you know of some exciting research from Micronesia that should be the subject of a future episode of Science.Simplified. ? Email suggestions to:  info[at]pacmares[dot]com