Executive Director
Greg Moretti, MEM


Greg Moretti joined PMRI as the organization’s first executive director in early 2012.  A native of San Francisco, CA, Greg had previously worked in the CNMI as the Marine Protected Areas Program Manager at the CNMI Division of Fish and Wildlife.  He earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Notre Dame and earned a Masters of Environmental Management from Duke University.   Greg’s expertise focuses on Marine Protected Areas, however he has done a little bit of everything over the years:  a marine biology and chemistry  teacher, a resource management trainer, a social scientist, a photographer and videographer, and even a law enforcement officer for the National Park Service.  PMRI looks forward to his fresh insight and leadership in the years to come.

_DSC0132-Edit-1-2Science Communications Coordinator
Brooke Nevitt, MA


 PMRI welcomed Brooke to our team in 2013.  Brooke has over thirty years of experience living, working and being educated in Micronesia.  Raised in the Federated States of Micronesia and the CNMI, she developed a deep connection to and concern for the natural resources and the communities of the region.  Brooke has her BA from Whitman College, MA in Pacific Island Studies from the University of Hawaii, Manoa and a diploma in Conservation Education from the University of Kent, Canterbury which she earned while managing a Rare Pride Campaign (CNMI).  Prior to joining PMRI she worked for five years as the Coral Reef Education and Outreach Coordinator with Coastal Resources Management Office, CNMI.  Brooke also serves as the Micronesia SEM-Pasifika Coordinator.

Research Associate and Board President
Peter Houk, Ph.D.

Dr. Peter Houk is an Assistant Professor of Coral Reef Ecology at the University of Guam Marine Lab.  In 2002 Dr. Houk, along with a fellow PMRI co-founder,  branched out from his CNMI government agency position to start PMRI as a non-profit organization.  Peter earned his undergraduate degree from Northwestern University, his Master’s in Marine Science from the University of Guam, and his Ph.D. in Marine Biology from the Florida Institute of Technology.  Prior to starting PMRI, Peter was a Marine Biologist at the CNMI Division of Environmental Quality and the head of the long-term marine monitoring program.  Peter is also an adjunct faculty member at the Northern Marianas College, and has taught courses in marine ecology, coral and algae taxonomy, survey methods, and integration of biological data with GIS systems.  Among many other accolades, Dr. Houk is a Board Member of the Western Pacific Coral Reef Institute and a member of the Micronesian Challenge Scientific Advisory Panel.

Biologist, Research Associate
Kevin L. Rhodes, Ph.D.

Kevin is an Affiliate Faculty of the University of Hawaii at Hilo, a Research Associate at the University of Guam and an active member of the IUCN Species Survival Commission’s Groupers and Wrasses Specialist Group. He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Texas at Austin, Masters at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (California State University) and PhD at the University of Hong Kong. For the past 15 years, Kevin has conducted conservation-based research throughout the Caribbean and Pacific on tropical reef fish biology, ecology and fisheries. His primary interest is fish reproduction, with a focus on fish spawning aggregations and identification of reproductive life history traits. Throughout his professional career, Kevin has provided technical training and scientific support to regional governments, universities and NGOs and has assisted marine resource agencies in the design and implementation of tropical reef fish conservation and management protocols.

Biologist, Research Associate
Javier Cuetos-Bueno, MS

Javier started collaborating with PMRI back in 2010, and become a technical member in 2011. Originally from Spain, he earned his Environmental Science undergraduate degree at the University of Barcelona, to later spend three years at Scripps Institution of Oceanography working towards his Master’s in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation, with an emphasis on coral reef ecology and conservation.  Ever since his first visit to Micronesia three years ago, Javier has been conducting research and participating in different conservation projects across the region.  From understanding the real scope and drivers of reef fisheries in CNMI, to providing technical support to Chuuk communities engaging  in conservation, Javier is applying his multidisciplinary background to support conservation efforts across Micronesia

Valentino R. Cruz

Val joined PMRI’s team in 2013.  He is a highly qualified accountant with over 26 years of experience.  Val received his degree in Bachelor in Accountancy at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines – a State University located in Sta. Mesa, Manila (main branch).  Val has managed books of accounts for a number of businesses in the CNMI using  a variety of accounting programs.  He is experienced with documentation for start-up businesses, as well as getting business licenses and permits.  He prepares and files both  local and federal taxes, manages payroll,  and has experience in processing immigration papers specifically for non-resident workers.

PhotoPlaceholder2013 CRI Intern
Yoshihiro Yagi

Competing against a qualified group of applicants, Yoshihiro was selected to participate in the 2013 Coral Reef Initiative Intern Program as an intern for the Pacific Marine Resources Institute.  A recent graduate of Saipan Southern High School, Yoshi has taken on a new PMRI project called “Project Box Jellyfish”.  This project is designed to gather general information about box jellyfish occurrences around Saipan. Through innovative social science research, Yoshi’s has been collecting information from a variety of sources including emergency room visits, tour operator interviews, tour operator injury/incident reports, and fishermen interviews.  Through hours of number crunching, the two main goals of the project are to determine the predictability of box jellyfish “blooms” and to determine whether or not box jellyfish numbers have been increasing over time.  Yoshi initially decided to apply for a CRI internship because of his love for the ocean. Business minded, Yoshi has managed a local electronics store “88Elektronix” where he has gained valuable business experience since his Freshman year in high school. With the ocean as his passion and business in his future, Yoshi plans to find better ways to finance the management of our ocean resources.